Saturday, June 11, 2016

About My “Sage Merriman” Pen Name

By Sage Merriman

What’s in a Name? Questions? Comments?

The story behind this pen name is probably obvious: Sage meaning wise. Merriman meaning a happy or fun-loving man

Together: a wise and happy man.

Am I these two things - wise and happy? Probably not (and if or when I am, it’s seldom on the same day). 

But I aspire to be both. 

And, as an author, I have the power to edit and reflect - and come closer.... 

It’s tempting to try....

And gender aside, wise and happy describes the kind of author I’d like my kids and grandkids to read.

Yours, too.

Why Use a Pen Name at All?

I have aspirations to write not only for young readers but for adults. Not only fiction but several kinds of nonfiction. 

I don’t want to mask my identity (full name Ryan Lee Petty); but I think it may be useful for readers if I establish a persona.

Maybe two or three, in time for different types of books - for different audiences - but each persona (pen name) tied to me. 

Questions? Comments?

For now, let me suggest we use email. I am happy to share more and will try to be wise, if you write:

Sage [at] [drum roll...] SageMerriman [dot] com.  

The first of the Sage Merriman books will be published next week here on Amazon.


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