Sunday, June 26, 2016

“The Grandfather List” a Children’s Picturebook Project

By Sage Merriman

What Does a Soon-to-Be New Grandfather Do to Get Ready?

With one “in the oven,” due in November (and recently revealed to be a boy), the question is what do I do to prepare? Luckily our daughter has provided the answer:

“Dad, I want you to make a list of children’s picturebooks we should read with him."

That’s about all the instruction a future grandfather needs: Something good and worthwhile to keep me busy and thinking about the future star of our little show.

And thus...

“The Grandfather List - Of Children’s Picturebooks” Is Born

This now has “project status” with me, and I will be developing The Grandfather List - Of Children’s Picturebooks as soon and as well as I can - with heart and soul, all-in.

It’s fair to ask what it means for this blog.... 

It means I will be reading a lot of the classic children’s picturebooks and sharing with you what I think of them... as reading material for today.

I expect to find some have aged rather well and other, not so much. I’ll tell you which are which - one grandfather’s opinion. 

I’ll also be reading the best of what’s been written recently and what’s being published now - and sharing what I think.

I’ll be, in essence, publishing short reviews or rankings, and I’ll be picking the ones I like best for formal inclusion in The Grandfather List.

I am a couple of months into the reading part of this, so I have a rather large backlog of books-read and opinions-yet-to-be-shared - but that’s good. It gives me a running start.

How You Can Help With The Grandfather List - Of Children’s Picturebooks

Use the Comment button to tell me what children’s picture book treasures have meant the most to you. In other words, nominate a book, or handful. What would you have me read and consider? 

If you prefer email, please write me c/o Sage [at] SageMerriman [dot] com.

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