Wednesday, July 13, 2016

New eBook ESKIMO KISSES free today & tomorrow - Amazon

ESKIMO KISSES is the fourth title published in the experimental children’s book series.

As a kid growing up in an Italian-American family, the author always wondered why all the nose-on-nose Eskimo-kissing? It was time to find out....

The seven books in the Books With No Pictures series use a new but familiar format: that of the children’s picturebook - but without the pictures. 

The format creates a read-aloud bridge from the standard children’s picture books to the “early readers” and chapter books that kids later encounter on the road to literacy.

ESKIMO KISSES joins BOSSY PANTS, CARDBOARD BOX and GREEN BOAT as published titles in this series.

Expect publishing announcements soon on the remaining three books: MAMA DUCKPIGGIES & TOES, and HUMAN BEANS.  (Each is available now on a Pre-Order basis from Amazon.)

Download your FREE copy of ESKIMO KISSES here from Amazon.

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