Sunday, July 3, 2016

TWENTY YAWNS - Nominated for The Grandfather List of Children’s Picturebooks

Sage Merriman

Jane Smiley's TWENTY YAWNS is enough to put you to sleep.

(Not a problem, since that’s the purpose of this beautiful picturebook.) 

In this story, a family at the beach heads for their home/cabin, tired after a full and active day. Soon everyone’s overcome by yawns.

A great bedtime read-aloud book, beautifully illustrated by Laren Castillo... and a possibility for The Grandfather List.


The first iteration of The Grandfather List of Children’s Picturebooks will be published in January 2017. Final selections will be made from among books that have been nominated.

Please suggest your favorite children’s picturebooks in Comments below or by emailing Sage [at] SageMerriman [dot] com.

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