Saturday, August 6, 2016

Children’s Picturebook Manuscript Grows into Adult Memoir

Sage Merriman


As a Nom de Plume, I occasionally nod to the author to whom I lend my name... and with whom I sometimes collaborate on important work....

This is one of those times. 

Ryan Petty, the author who writes children’s books under my name, has himself written and published a book, WHITE BIRD - A MEMOIR OF THE SPIRIT

As the Introduction reveals, it grew out of a fact-based children’s picturebook manuscript that... well... acquired a life of its own.

I am listed, albeit inside, as co-author, reflecting the origins and, to some extent, the formatting of the story. (After extensive negotiations with the primary author, this limited recognition was all I could get.)

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1961, a lonely Kansas highway in the middle of the night.... This is a true story of a family of four, en route to a dying man’s bedside, witnessing an event of inexplicable wonder....

To elaborate, WHITE BIRD began as a children’s picturebook manuscript... based on a true story...

...then grew in word-count

...and grew in concept

...and grew

...into something more.

Now a full-fledged memoir, it’s become the first ebook in a two-part series.*

Here’s the link for a FREE copy of WHITE BIRD - A MEMOIR OF THE SPIRIT by Ryan Petty and Sage Merriman. 

The two-part series will conclude with WHITE BIRD - THE REST OF THE STORY, scheduled for publication on September 9th. (Now available for pre-order on Amazon.)
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