Sunday, October 30, 2016

Craft an Author Business Plan in Ten Easy Steps

My Alter Ego...

...(Ryan Petty, author of AUTHOR BUSINESS PLANS MADE EASY) will be teaching a morning workshop (50 minutes) on this subject next Saturday, November 5th, at the Write in the Harbor  conference, in Gig Harbor, Washington.

Sponsored by Tacoma Community College. 

Registration info here.

MAMA DUCK & THE PROBLEM AT TOWN LAKE - Children’s Book Free Today!

In Time for a Soothing Halloween Distraction

Here’s a link to the Free Kindle ebook.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Adding the Kindle Instant Preview to a Blogger Blog

Sage Merriman

New Skill Learned today....

Learned how to embed the ebook covers of my Kindle eBooks in this blog in such a way that readers can click through to FREE samples.

Amazon has a great tool for this. See sidebar and scroll down for a demonstration.

Took only about 15 minutes to learn how and “get ‘er done."

Access the Amazon Kindle Instant Preview tool here. [For users of Blogger, insert the “embed” URL in the “HTML/Java Script” gadget on the layout page behind the scenes of your blog.]

Saturday, October 1, 2016

"A great children’s picturebook is more rare than a great poem.”

Sage Merriman

A great children’s picturebook requires the convergence of two near-perfect performances - whether in collaboration between author and illustrator... or in the pairing of these talents applied by a single, extraordinary individual.

We frequently honor books that fail to live up to this incredibly high double standard.

We should.

But the standard still exists and it is rarely met.