Sunday, October 9, 2016

Announcing the Publication of THE PICTURELESS PICTUREBOOK MANIFESTO by Sage Merriman

Calling for a New Format in Children’s Literature 

To Build Better Bridges 
from Children’s Picturebooks 
to the Magic of Reading on One’s Own

THE PICTURELESS PICTUREBOOK MANIFESTO is a public declaration of intent, an open invitation, and a call to action.

It asks authors to begin writing and self-publishing books for children in the new Pictureless Picturebook digital format. 

The book begins with the original 200-word Manifesto (first published here). The body of the book is the transcription of a series of interviews held over portions of three days with its author, Sage Merriman.

The interviews advance an argument in favor of the new format, its utility for meeting the developmental reading needs of children, and its possible effect in broadening the horizons of children’s literature.

THE PICTURELESS PICTUREBOOK MANIFESTO presents the new format as a business proposition but equally as something worth doing for the good of children... the interest of their learning to read. 

In the end, this is also a writer’s craft book serving the professional needs and interests of authors interested in exploring the new format.

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