Sunday, November 20, 2016

New Book Description for THE PICTURELESS PICTUREBOOK MANIFESTO Clarifies Key Points

Sage Merriman

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Since publishing THE PICTURELESS PICTUREBOOK MANIFESTO six weeks ago, I’ve had a nagging feeling that I did a poor job of describing it. My meager attempt seemed flat and a little confusing.

My subconscious has been busy apparently, working on the problem.

Yesterday, it came clear and a new book description wrote itself. (I exaggerate for effect.)

I like the new description because it does justice to both the book and the context in which children’s books are published.

Here it is:

This book is a call to action that starts with a classic 200-word manifesto of the type you might find nailed to the door of a cathedral or public building. It asks authors to write books for children in the experimental Pictureless Picturebook format, and it discusses the opportunity to do so in a series of author interviews, making the case for change.
Please note that the Pictureless Picturebook is not proposed as a replacement for the cherished tradition of children’s picturebooks. 

Rather, the Pictureless Picturebook is presented as a natural bridge to transport children—at the right time—from their acquired dependence on pictures... to the Magic of Reading on One’s Own.

Children who are used to being read to from traditional picturebooks, have developed listening and storytelling expectations that can be leveraged to help them learn to read. The new format is about authors learning to apply that leverage. 

Writing and self-publishing in the new Pictureless Picturebook format is presented as both a business proposition and as something worth doing for the good of children. 

Not only is it in the interest of their learning to read... but it may well expand the horizons of children’s literature itself—opening it to new possibilities, new worlds, and ways of seeing.

In the end, THE PICTURELESS PICTUREBOOK MANIFESTO is a writer’s craft book serving the professional needs and interests of authors who have a sense of adventure and are willing to explore a new way to write and self-publish for children....




THE PICTURELESS PICTUREBOOK MANIFESTO is co-authored by Ryan Petty and published as Book #6 in his Author Business Series of books. The series includes AUTHOR BUSINESS PLANS MADE EASY and 10 STEPS IN 10 DAYS TO CRAFT AN AUTHOR BUSINESS PLAN. More on these and related titles can be found at or by visiting the Amazon Author Page shared by Sage Merriman and Ryan Petty.
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