Wednesday, July 13, 2016

KNOW WHAT I SAW? - Nominated for The Grandfather List of Children’s Picture Books

Sage Merriman

Aileen Fisher's KNOW WHAT I SAW? is the Perfect Counting Book

Actually, it’s a countdown book since the counting is backwards - from ten down to one.

What makes it perfect (for ages 2-5) is the illustrations by Deborah Durland... combined with a wonderful and effortless pattern of rhymes throughout. 

It’s just the kind of book a grandfather can enjoy reading aloud to a lapful of the next generation.


The first iteration of The Grandfather List of Children’s Picturebooks will be published in January 2017. Final selections will be made from among books that have been nominated.

Please suggest your favorite children’s picturebooks in comments below or by emailing Sage [at] SageMerriman [dot] com.

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