Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Two “Purple Crayon” Books Nominated for The Grandfather List of Children’s Picturebooks

Sage Merriman

Rare Double-Nomination for Crocket Johnson's HAROLD AND THE PURPLE CRAYON and A PICTURE FOR HAROLD’S ROOM 

These two books have been around long enough to have whiskers, but I find them irresistible... which means timeless in their appeal. 

Crockett Johnson died in 1975. He was a successful syndicated cartoonist (with his Barnaby comic strip). Later he turned to writing and illustrating children’s picturebooks. To this task he brought tremendous insight and subtlety in both writing and illustration.

Happily, there are other Harold books by Crockett Johnson.


The first iteration of The Grandfather List of Children’s Picturebooks will be published in January 2017. Final selections will be made from among books that have been nominated.

Please suggest your favorite children’s picturebooks in Comments below or by emailing Sage [at] SageMerriman [dot] com.

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